R 3,300

One of a kind hand painted Boerendelft deep plate.

Size : 27-30cm may vary slightly

Material : Cermaic

This one of a kind piece is created by drawing from a recovered charger from an 18th century ship wreck. Boerendelft can roughly be translated as 'peasant' delft and was traditionally created using earthenware as a clay body. Each piece of the boerendelft collection is hand-thrown in stoneware and individually hand-painted, in-glaze on the raw clay. The centre of each charger is decorated with the Chinese symbol of the peony and a scroll, resting on what is believed to be a representation of the tao teh. The peony a metaphor for nobility and wealth, the scroll representing wisdom and the tao teh, perhaps a warning against greed. The rim with its framework contains simplified representations of precious jewels, the scroll, and peach of everlasting life. Each piece is uniquely distressed to highlight the imperfection and its simple beauty.

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