Café de Paris & Lemon Roast Chicken


Café de Paris & Lemon Roast Chicken by Jacques Erasmus

Serves 8

Ingredients : 

2 free range chickens
2 generous bunches of fresh garden thyme
4 assorted lemons, halved
125ml De Nagmaal Extra Virgin Olive Oil
30g (2 Tbsp) De Nagmaal Citrus Sea Salt Flakes
25g (2 Tbsp) De Nagmaal Café de Paris spice blend
250ml (1 cup) white wine

1.Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C.
2.Place the garden thyme and half a lemon into each chicken and truss the legs with string.
3.Lightly squeeze the lemon halves with a lemon squeezer and generously rub onto the chicken.
4.Combine the olive oil, sea salt and Café de Paris and rub onto the chickens. 5.Place the chickensonto a deep roasting tray and pour over the remaining lemon juice, white wine and fill the tray with all the lemon halves.

6. Roast the chickens for 1 hour, turning every 30 minutes, until cooked
and golden in colour.